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We have now been instructed by the UK government that we must take further precautions due Covid -19, we are wearing face shields and type II face masks plus extra cleaning procedures , due to these practises we have now been forced in charging a surcharge of £2 for each customer. We have tried our best to keep extra prices down for our guests , I hope you all understand..



As we are all fully aware, our NHS teams have been stretched over the last few month, we would like support our hard working teams by giving an extra discount to anyone that works within the NHS.  


Welcome to Mavericks – AUGUST 2021

Hoping you all are having a great summer and enjoying being able to catch up with Family and Friends.

It’s great to feel like we’re slowly getting back to normal!!

We’ve been seeing lots of shorter and layered haircuts over the summer, which is a great change from all the previous grown out lockdown hair, it’s definitely made us more receptive to embracing change and trying something new.

There have been so many trends emerging, that their really is a new look for everyone, so why not have a new style, fringe or colour, with a fresh new look ready to meeting up with all your family and friends.

We are continuing with all our Salon Covid safety procedures, for the protection of our team and yourselves. Our team are still wearing face masks and we ask that you do when your arriving and moving around the salon.

Thank you for your continued support

Best wishes

Sarah & Martyn


Mavericks Beauty

Welcoming Beauty therapist Emily to the team, Emily is joining our senior therapist and beauty manager Jess. Emily is a fully qualified beauty therapist and Jess has been busy training Emily in all the salon treatments that we offer.


Mavericks Mask Policy

While we wait for the 19th of July and the government statement to give us the latest guidance, we want to keep you updated for now and future appointments.

As of now Mavericks team will continue to wear masks and face shields, we also ask you currently to continue to wear masks throughout your visits.

As of the 19th of July, after the government statement, our current thinking is this, we will ask you to wear face masks when you arrive at the salon, are in reception, walking around the salon and at the back wash etc.


We are aware that for some of you wearing a mask is uncomfortable while having your hair styled, and we are happy for you to choose whether you want to wear a mask or not whilst sat down with your stylist.

Our team will continue to wear face masks to protect them and you from covid 19.

Thank you for your continued support.


MAVERICKS HAIR TIP- Holiday summer hair proplex treatment

As we go into our wonderful summer, we all need to take care of our hair. Hair will always be more dehydrated in the summer due to the climate. The best way to treat this is to protect and strengthen the hair with REF Proplex, this is a salon treatment that’s takes about 45mins, it rebuilds the strength of the hair within and protects the outside of the hair. Makes styling the hair much easier.

So in June we are offering you’re the treatment in the salon for just £10.( you do not need a blowdry after).



Zoe is on her way back from Maternity leave, she will be working the following days:

Tuesday 9am to 8pm              Thursday 5pm to 8pm

Friday 9am to 6pm                  Saturday 8.30am to 4.45pm

Please call for availability.

Eadie was born back in March. Zoe has enjoyed her time with Eadie but is looking forward to coming back to the salon to balance motherhood with some incredible hair styles.


MAVERICKS Beauty treatment of the month-  NEW TREATMENT-

Brow Lamination! Brow lamination is the new trend that has taken the brow world by storm! At Mavericks, we use the brand ilash Hero. Brow lamination is a process of reconstructing the brow hairs to keep them in a desired shape. It’s perfect for anyone whose hairs are irregular in direction, any gaps in between hairs, or who wants that groomed, feathery look. It also makes the eyes look more open and lasts 4/6 weeks. You will need a skin test 24-48 hours before treatment. It is also combined with a brow tint and shape. This can also be combined with an LVL eyelash lift treatment at the same time. When you have your brow lamination, have a complimentary eyelash tint or hand and arm massage, please quote this when booking in! £45


MAVERICKS Beauty tip of the month-

Cuticle oil is a MUST all year round! Applying it at least once a day helps improve the health and appearance of your nails. It can help stimulate nail growth whilst it hydrates and moisturises them which prevents nails from chipping, breaking or becoming brittle.

Mavericks beauty treatment of the month- Pick N Mix promotion! Choose 3

of the following treatments for just £24.95!

Underarm wax                     Shape and polish hands                            Shape and polish toes

Lip wax                                  Lash tint                                                    Forearm wax

Express Indian head massage          Chin wax                                       Brow tint

Brow shape                                        Bikini line


MAVERICKS Hair Trends to try out this summer:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Here are some of the haircut, style, and colour trends that are trending this summer, curtain style fringes(bangs),sun kissed colours and volumized Farrah Fawcett style waves. Mullets, Fringes(bangs)and many layered “shag” haircuts, are taking over this summer, all with 70’s inspired looks. Not forgetting the latest trend the “Wolfe Cut”, which is a variation on the mullet and shag with lots of shorter layers framing the face.                                             Feel Good Hair                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Some times it not about following a trend, it’s just about doing what makes you feel good, and there is nothing that beats a visit to the salon, that feeling of freshly washed hair, a fabulous cut and a salon finish blow dry.   There is a trend for healthy lifestyles and a healthy scalp and hair, the regular use of a scalp brush to massage and stimulate the scalp before washing your hair, will increase the blood circulation to the scalp and help promote hair growth, a healthy scalp means healthy hair.                                                                             



We never seem to tire of a fringe, and there is so much choice to go by, and the latest easy-to-maintain fringe style comes in the form of the slip bang(long fringe)Way easier to style than a normal fringe, less full than a 70’s curtain fringe the slip bang looks like it's set to be summer's cool-girl hairstyle. We’re getting lots of requests, and with celebs like Jennifer Lopez showing us how to nail it.The beauty of a long fringe is that they are a lot less maintenance than a regular fringe and require minimal upkeep."Long fringes are like the more subtle cousin of the 70s curtain fringe. While the curtain fringe is often fuller and swishy, slip bangs (fringes)are more low-key and wispy and almost peeking through your hairstyle rather than being anything too obvious.      

How to style a long fringe (bangs)

So to style your long fringe, you simply use a round brush and hairdryer with the nozzle pointing downwards to dry your fringe straight and keep it smooth and free frizz free. If you want to get a rounded fringe, lift your round brush at the roots, to get volume, smoothness and shine. You can go over with heated styling irons and can then finish with a smoothing oil to get a more polished appearance. Dry shampoo is perfect for fringes for in between washes, absorbing any oils and refreshing the scalp, and also adding volume. For an undone take on the fringe, spritz in some root spray or mousse into damp hair before allowing to air dry using your fingers for a messier take on the trend. Wearing your hair up with long fringe can look incredibly chic, particularly when you wear fringe with a ponytail or bun. The 70’s vibe this hair trend gives off and that the style is so versatile – you can wear your hair down and super straight and sleek or more effortless and natural.  

Blunt Side Part Bob

 A blunt side part bob that has been styled into beachy waves is one of the most popular looks of all time. It is officially the year of the bob hair cut, with more people than ever booking in for a post lock down haircut. There is something cool about a side parted bob. It's casual, edgy and flattering and unlike a centre parting or a fringe, a side parting suits all face shapes and can help to frame the features. Plus, the side part bob is also exceptionally versatile. It looks equally as good flipped over to one side with tousled waves as it does slicked down with a wet look finish, and it's incredibly low maintenance, making it one of our favourite options out of all the many Bob trends.

Wolf Cut                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The wolf cut is a more modern take on the shag or mullet haircut – both of which have also seen a resurgence in the last year. The main difference between those and the wolf cut? The focus isn't on extremely short layers to create heaps of volume at the back of the head but rather on using the short layers to frame the face. It's why you’ll often see the cut accompanied by a longer curtain fringe.The great thing about the wolf cut is that it can be as extreme or as subtle as you’d like, and as the name suggests, it's meant to occupy a space between wild and relaxed.

MODERN SHAG HAIRCUT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The modern shag haircut is a little more wearable than the classic ’70s version. It incorporates the shag’s signature choppy layers and fullness at the crown but is often cut with a razor to achieve a softer, more feminine vibe. Your stylist will also shape the cut so that it frames your face and balances out your features. The result is a fresh, youthful, and effortlessly chic haircut that can take you from day to night without any styling required.A modern shag haircut is a wearable less glam rock, and more Parisian chic. While it retains the classic cut's choppy layers and fullness at the crown, the overall effect is softer and more feminine, rather than edgy and androgynous.The layers are often cut with a razor and positioned to flatter your face's natural shape. While it keeps the shag cut's iconic messy texture, it has a more put-together and sophisticated yet carefree feel.                                                Poker Straight Hair

There is a feeling of power and sophistication that comes with straight hair, whether it’s poker straight and centre parted, like Jo– Lo or side parted with a wet-look finish. The return of one of the 90’s key hair styles, Poker straight hair is back – it’s an easy way to feel polished quickly, something we’re all craving after a long time spent at home. It’s a great trend to try because it can be easily adapted to your individual style and hair texture. As long as you have all the tools at home, it’s up to you how smooth and straight you want to go!

The Layered Hair cut

The shag layered haircut is officially back. Best of all, the versatile cut suits a wide variety of hair types – from straight and fine to thick and curly – as well as in different lengths. If you’re tired of your standard blunt cut or simple soft layers, a layered cut ( modern shag)is one of the easiest ways to transform your


Curtain-parted Fringes are everywhere in 2021. ... The good news is that not only do curtain fringes look cool, but they are also flattering on most face shapes. The smooth, 'swooping' look draws attention to the cheekbones and balances out a wide forehead or strong jaw.

Parted curtain fringes are a grown outlook fringe that frames the face and gives a softer look to up-do’s, it’s a good introduction to a fringe and easy to grow out. 

This fringe will appear as though you’ve had a full fringe that is now growing out but in fact it was cut like that. This is a great way to add some soft, subtle shape to the front of the hair and it frames the face perfectly, also this style requires a lot less maintenance.

Long fringe styles are also a good choice if your hair is long, and you want to elongate your face.
Committing to a fringe can be daunting so sometimes less drastic is often the best, move, once you’re used to your fringe it’s easier to make the leap to a shorter, brow-grazing fringe at any time. Think Bridget Bardot, Alexa Chung

The Modern Pixie Cut

There are few haircuts as timeless as the pixie cut, a style that is surprisingly versatile and works for all manner of hair textures, it is currently being given a new lease of life, it’s one of summer’s most in-demand haircuts.

This cut is all about confidence, this is a cut you should do when you really ready for a change. You’ve got to really feel good with this haircut, because it will make you feel more exposed, but it can be very liberating and a lot easier to manage.

The modern way to wear the cut, as Rihanna and Seydoux prove, is with a messed-up, raggedy texture, a finish that’s the combined result of the haircut itself and the correct use of products. This haircut is all about the cut, freehand with a blade and texturized to create an undone finish and a personalised haircut to fit your head shape and hair texture. The products you use will help maintain the texture and natural mess up movement.


Here are some of the hair shades that are trending, that the celebrities this season are all wearing. There’s a new look out there for every one of every skin tone.                                                                                       Strawberry Blonde

Softer grown out copper tones that feel grungy and cool or can be switched up to look glossy and expensive depending on how you are styling, these tones will spill over to blondes too, we can expect to see warmer strawberry blonde tones that are super soft with almost a retro colour vibe to them.
Copper is a reddish-brown colour and has always been a popular hair colour, but Copper Velvet is a super wearable beautiful multi-tonal shade that is luxurious and luxe looking. It’s impossible to create any version of Copper Velvet at home because of the nuances in tone and the technical complexities that make up the shade. The professional touch has 

never been so important for creating something that is so truly bespoke like Copper Velvet.

Sun kissed Blondes.

Moving into summer we are seeing blondes taking on a sunlight effect with lots of hues to suit different skin tones. The sunlight effect can be achieved by added delicate soft golden tones to 

enhance any shade added to hi-lights and free hand balayage and all over blondes.

Face Framing Blondes

The face framing blonde is a look that has really taken off this year, it is super flattering.

This can be achieved on various depths of colour, lifting, and lightening the hair around the face and hairline through to the hair at the back. Spacing some hi -lights throughout for a more natural look.








B49 5DY

01789 766222 or 766333




We are following all the governments recommended health and safety guidelines.                                                              

 We will be taking the following steps.

*The team have been trained on all the new health and safety measures.

*We are making sure the correct social distancing is in place

*We are asking all our guests to use the hand sanitizer when they enter the salon,

*We will also be taking everyone’s temperatures when arriving, both teams and guests.

*The team will always be wearing face masks and face shields.

* The team will be washing their hands regularly as well as in between every guest.

*All hair sections, doors and credit card machines are wiped down after each guest.

*All surfaces that come into regular contact with guests will be sanitised.

*We have taken away the magazines, cookies, mints to ensure safeguarding.

*Maverick newsletter will be available in wipe down folders which we will sanitise.

*The salon will be cleansed with smoke sanitising machine each night.

*We have a one way system in and out of the salon.

*Covid tests taken by team every Monday and Thursday.




We are now using only the REF products which are all vegan, except for their waxes that do contain Bees wax. We feel that this move allows us to stop harming animals, plus vegan products help with the environment, which is important to all of us. We will also be offering soya milk with refreshments and also a selection of vegan chocolates etc with your refreshments. 

The permanent and semi permanent colour are now vegan, also so is our perm lotion.

We have now been instructed by the UK government that we must take further precautions due Covid -19, we are wearing face shields and type II face masks plus extra cleaning procedures , due to these practises we have now been forced in charging a surcharge of £2 for each customer. We have tried our best to keep extra prices down for our guests , I hope you all understand.


MAVERICKS   THE ENVIROMENT  THE OCEAN                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The Mavericks team have become increasingly aware of the damage we are all doing to our oceans with single use plastics, so we have started to look at how we can help. We have already installed a water dispensing fountain and all the team have been given free water bottles, plus all the team have agreed not to bring into the salon any single use bottles. We are now looking at the rest of business to see how we can help.    





Mavericks Launches Instant Hair Extensions                                                      

These new fabulous hair extensions will enhance your look dramatically in a short space of time and make you look 100% glamorous 24/7! 

Heads will turn, so be prepared! We have a selection of colours available for you to try.                                                             

BENEFITS OF TAPE HAIR EXTENSIONS                                                                                                                                     

100% human hair                                                                                                                                                                                            

Last up to 8 weeks can be re-useable                                                                                                                                                               

Quick and easy to maintain and remove                                                                                                                                                          

Gain length, volume and colour in under an hour                                                                                                                                          

Most cost effective option of hair extensions                                                                                                                                              

Gentle on the hair and natural looking                                                                                                                                                                   

Makes your hair more versatile- long braids, beach waves , sleek ponytail etc.                                                                                                                     

No more waiting for your luxurious locks with our new express extension bar!!!   





MAVERICKS LAUNCHES THE GARAGE ROOM.                                                                                                                                                                                          

We have now created in our new wing, a 4m x 8m Garage room that can operate in a number of ways due to its unique design. It will operate some of the time as REF haircare’s UK training Academy with eight hairdressing sections and backwash area. This room will also turn into a photo shoot area with back drops etc. Plus all the hairdressing mirrors can be moved to the side giving much more space for any other activities, such as yoga or Pilates.


Welcome to our salon

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The full massage chairs at the private basin area are a great hit with our guests


Beauty Room's

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MAVERICK 7 DAY GUARANTEE.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

If we do not get it 100% right for you first time, then take advantage of our 7 day guarantee. Just give us a call and we will put things right for you free of charge. This cover only styles that we have blow dried, and therefore had the chance to check. The 7 day guarantee does not apply to wet cuts and any colour or technical service that is not finished with a blowdry.


MAVERICKS STYLE ME MONDAY                                                                         

Monday is the beginning of the working week, a new week ahead of you, a new start.

What could be better than a cut and blow-dry that gives you style and confidence, plus you get 20% discount.(no other discounts applicable) 


MAVERICKS COLOUR ME TUESDAY                                                                                    

It’s the perfect day to get your colour done, it’s the start of the week, you have recovered from the weekend on Monday, The rest of the week is ahead of you.

So to boost your week we will give you a 20% discount off any permanent colour service (not highlights or balayage) on Tuesday.  .(no other discounts applicable)


MAVERICKS PAMPER ME WEDNESDAY                                                                                    

Mavericks has now launched pamper me Wednesday. Come and be pampered with the following treatments and receive 20% discount  included are:                                                                                                                                              Kerastraight Brazilian straightening service 

Hair extensions Bonded- Pre Bonded- Micro loops (Application only)                                                                                                                

Perm services                                                                                                                                                             

REF treatments Moisture- Repair- Colour                                                                                                                               

Proplex Treatments                                                                                                                                                      

(no other discounts applicable)        


We offer the following services in our salon;

Hair Design

Hair Styling

Barbers salon

Hair Colouring

Hair Extensions

Wedding Hair


Nail Bar

Hair Advice and Hair care centre



Our opening times are

Monday 9.30 to 5

Tuesday 9.00 TO 8

Wednesday 9.00 to 5

Thursday 9.00 to 8

Friday 9.00 to 6

Saturday 8.30 to 4.45

Sunday (By prior Arrangement)



If you require an appointment please call 01789 766222 & 01789 766333 or email us with your required date, time,stylist and service required with your mobile number and we will contact you with confirmation of your appointment or an alternative time.



We have had over the last few months a great many appointments cancelled without 24 hours’ notice plus guests not arriving for appointments. Please be aware that this effect our business but also part of our stylist salary is commission, so directly affects them also. We will from January 1st 2016 introduce a £10 payment for  each service cancelled.                                                                                     


Colour Age.

We do not use any permanent or semi permanent colour directly on the scalp of  any person under the age of 16. We are Happy to use a highlight technique, where the colour is place into foil packets etc but no colour directly onto the scalp.