Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions are a great way of giving instant length to hair, no more growing hair, long hair in one hairdressing visit. also

hair extensions are great way of increasing thickness to hair.

The system of hair extensions we use is an extremely flexible system, that allow us to put in any type of hair from synthetic hair to the very best European hair. We can also put different colours of hair into the same strand, giving texture to the hair or a highlight effect.

Hair extension last for 3 months, then they need to be taken out. With alot of systems on the market the hair is then thrown away and then in 6 weeks you can start allover again, buy the hair , pay for the application time. With the Mavericks system, you can keep the hair and then reuse again in 6 weeks, so saving you alot of money.

We charge £30 per hour application , the average application takes about 5 hours. The hair can cost from £80 to £200 depending on the quality and amount of hair you need.

If you wanted a quick chat then please pop along to the salon and ( our extension technicians) will be happy to help.

If you are more certain that you want hair extension then please but a 45 min appointment, which will cost £30, which is then refunded against your application cost. In this appointments the technician will do a complete consultation, using a specially design questionnaire, they will be able to colour match your hair and give you a quote for the completed hair extensions.

Natural hair extensions are treated and cared for the same as real hair, you can use hairdryers and straighteners on them. You use the same hair care products. They are great fun.

Hair extensions are great, people will not know how your hair grew so quickly !