Hair Care

720 Theory

Our haircare ranges are their only for one thing and that is to support our hairstyles, to make styling easier for our guests, and this is our only motivation to recommend haircare products.

All our guests receive personal haircare advice so they can take away the knowledge to create better hairstyles at home. The advice is free with no obligation to purchase from our salon. This process we call the 720 theory, and this works simply but getting our stylists to thinks about you going home and having to manage your hair at home, without them, you on your own. so the advise is not just product based, but has advise on blow dry techniques how to use the cold shot on your blow dryer etc etc.

We try not to be pushing with haircare and whether you buy from us or your local supermarket, doesn't matter to us. We just want you to walk around with great looking hair for the next 6 weeks or 720 hours

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